Increasing Run Length: Pros & Cons of Chemical Cleaning & Hydroblasting-Part 1

Presented By

Emory Weber - Refined Technologies Inc.

Brent Dell - ZymeFlow Decon Technology

Luis Martinez - Delta Tech Services Inc.

Russell Philion - Orange Ultrasonics

Conference: Galveston 2018

Comparing chemical cleaning and hydroblasting.

  • What is the onsite preparation and setup time for the chemical cleaner. How long does the cleaning take, how long will a vessel be out of service?
  • Onsite preparation and setup time for the hydroblaster. How long does the cleaning take, how long will a vessel be out of service?
  • General cost for chemical cleaning, let’s say for exchangers. What makes a price be higher or lower?
  • Is one method (chemicals vs hydroblasting) more thorough than the other. Are there times when that is not important?
  • Within chemical cleaning are there chemicals or processes which give better results?
  • With hydroblasting are techniques generally the same? Does the expertise of the equipment operator make much difference?
  • Can you clean a vessel on the run?
  • What should refinery operations do before the cleaning?
  • How long does an exchanger stay clean before you have to clean it again?
  • What can operations do after the cleaning to keep it clean?
  • How does cleaning effect the life of the vessel?

Emory WebberEmory graduated the University of Texas in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering and joined RTI in 2017 as the director of Business Development serving the Houston and Corpus Christi markets.  Prior to joining RTI, Emory’s career included roles in process and production engineering at multiple US Gulf Coast refiners.

Russ Philion - Orange UltrasonicsRuss Philion (Orange Untrasonics Inc.) is an industry expert on the effective use of ultrasonic technologies for industrial process improvement. He is devoted to maximizing clients’ efficiency across Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Energy sectors. With a decade of global perspective, he has worked with companies who have pioneered innovative ultrasound technology and realized productivity advantages of cleaning equipment process foremost reducing downtime.

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