Improving Longevity and Quality in FCCU Refractory

Presented By

Wouter Garot - SILICON

Stef Breedveld - Gouda

and various other panelists -

Conference: Rotterdam 2019

Improving Longevity and Quality in FCCU Refractory

This workshop pulls together industry experts to explain common failures and offer solutions that improve the longevity and quality of FCCU refractory in Riser & Transfer Lines, Cyclones, Reactor & Regenerator, and Flue Gas Lines. Experts will discuss design, selection, quality of materials, installation, inspection, issues, troubleshooting, and solutions.

Given that there are special conditions and considerations for FCCU refractory, topics could also include

  • CERTIFICATION: What do you gain from certification of refractory material and certification of installer.
  • INSPECTION: What are the benefits of refractory inspection and what are the typical areas?
  • What are the issues that lead to poor quality refractory.
  • Getting the most bang for your buck.  If refineries would spend a few more dollars on X, the benefits would far outweigh the cost.
  • Describe your approach to repair and improvement (i.e. materials, design, installation, anchors) to areas that have seen repeated refractory failures?
  •  How to maintain high lining reliability.
  •  What could be different about refractory. 
  •  Installation and lining improvements.
  •  Importance of dryout schedules.
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