Improving FCC Unit Performance

Presented By

Mel Larson - KBC

Conference: Galveston 2015

  • The FCC has been the centroid of the US refining gasoline production
    business for the last 60 yrs.
  • New regulatory and emissions targets such as 2017 Tier 3 sulfur
    targets and the proposed FCC Flue gas emissions values are the
    latest challenges for the refiner.

    • If post treating of FCC cat gasoline is required the loss of octane will put a constraint
      on meeting the regulatory requirements.
  • The value of the FCC is to maximize the yield of “profitable”
    components of C3 through LCO.
  • This presentation will cover a range of options for the FCC plant to
    consider in in maximizing the profit of the plant with every effort to
    maximize the volume of most profitable products.
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