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Imagining a World Without Coke Drum Cracking

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Panelist - Houston Engineering Solutions, LLC

Panelist - Weld O Latinoamerica

Panelist - AZZ WSI

Panelist - Stress Engineering Services


The coke drum standing in at over 100ft (30m) tangent to tangent, over 30ft (9m) in diameter, and weighing in at over 400,000lb (180,000kg) is a massive piece of steel at the heart of the delayed coking process. Despite its sheer size and presence, it is a surprisingly delicate pressure vessel prone to many damage mechanisms and failures. Such failures are costly to repair and cause even more costly production losses. Can these issues be truly eliminated?

The panel will take up this discussion with expertise from all aspects of coke drum design, repair, and operation. Representatives from Houston Engineering Services, Stress Engineering, AZZ, and Weld O Latinoamerica will discuss if the world exists where coke drums can be free of persistent failures or repairs are done proactively to prevent loss of containment. They will also take questions from the audience regarding your experiences with coke drum damage and how it could be prevented or managed.

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