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Hydroprocessing Reactor Control – Keys to Long and Optimized Runs w/ High-Performance

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Taylor Fama -


In today’s economic environment, with a growing concern on profitability and EPA ultra low sulfur requirements, efficient operation of hydrotreaters and maximum utilization of catalyst is of growing importance. A comprehensive and accurate understanding of the catalyst utilization and condition gives refiners an edge on protecting their plant and their profits. Temperature profiling is the best way to get online data on the current performance of the unit. Careful analysis of said data can reveal critical information regarding temperature trends, including reactivity, conversion, maldistribution, etc. However, reliance on inadequate or unreliable temperature measurements can have a severe adverse effect on bottomline/profitability. Today’s high activity catalysts require temperature operating tolerances and sensor density that simply cannot be met with outdated catalyst temperature profiling systems.

Advanced temperature sensing systems, such as the CatTracker®, provide operators with complete perspective on catalyst efficiency, which allows for better control decisions and extended catalyst runs. This aerospace derived technology has provided operators around the globe with superior control data and is the first thermocouple system in the world to be certified as SIL3 capable due to proven reliability in service. This technology not only provides superior accuracy and reliability, but an exponential increase in sensor density in both new and existing vessels. This presentation will serve to help plants maximize the performance of associated hydroprocessing reactors in their DCU and FCCU trains.

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