Workgroup: How to Select Your Next Console Operator

Presented By

Jolene Kramer - ob Performance Systems

Conference: Rio de Janiero 2014

Many refiners have an aging workforce approaching retirement age. At the same time there is a shortage of educated, skilled workers to fill open jobs. This roundtable will discuss issues and success stories regarding staffing and training employees so companies can operate safely and productively.

  • What sorts of skills and education are you looking for currently?
  • What barriers do you encounter in recruiting the right people?
  • How do you train and qualify your new workers?
  • What are typical problems your new workers have in learning the job?
  • What training techniques do you find work best?

A workgroup is a great forum for sharing Lessons Learned or Best Practices. A Subject Matter Expert speaks briefly about a particular topic. Then discussion is opened to the group.

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