How to do an Operator Training Program Self-Assessment in less than 60 Minutes

Presented By

Mike Spurlock - Job Performance Systems

Conference: Galveston 2017

Attendees to this session will have the opportunity to assess their own training process and identify gaps based on a checklist they will be provided. Participants will be given the opportunity to share results and a discussion will ensue. Participants walk away with their own self “report card” and some ideas for improving. Here is how it will work:

First they will quickly give their training process a rating off the top of their heads on a scale of 0-5. They will be asked to write down this score.

Then they will be given a several page handout: “Training Benchmarking Checklist” which asks ~ 10 questions about aspects of operator training grouped in six topics. Topics are Training Policy, Management of Training, Training records, Training process, Jobs & Organization, Training materials and Trainers. Each topic will have a rating scale to help participant assign a score. The facilitator will explain each of the questions for each topic and participants will be given a few minutes to capture their rating for each topic for their own organization. Topic results can then be averaged to produce a second score.

Participants will also be asked to identify the 1-3 largest gaps or highest priority areas needing improvement.

The facilitator will then ask participants (who are willing) to volunteer to report out their data to the group where the facilitator will record on a flip chart the results.

Remaining time will be spent discussing results. Some questions to discuss might include:

  • Did this exercise change your view of the importance of having a good training system?
  • Before vs after scores – did the checklist change your thinking?
  • Is there any commonality in the gaps across the different organizations?
  • What specifically would you hope to gain by improving in these gap areas?
  • Did this process uncover anything of value you have not thought about before?
  • Do you think there might be ways to quantify what training improvements will buy – less attrition? Fewer incidents? Higher yield or throughput? More employee job satisfaction?
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