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History of FCC Catalyst Technology Developments

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Joe McLean - Astron International


FCC catalyst technology has featured some revolutionary steps, such as the invention and application of zeolite catalysts, as well as continuous evolution over the past seven decades.

In nearly all cases, advances in FCC process technology have been enabled by corresponding developments in the catalyst. Examples of these include high activity zeolite catalysts with conversion to all riser cracking and later to advanced, short contact time systems, development of selective catalysts to improve octane in the era of lead phase out from gasoline, application of more attrition resistant catalysts to help meet particulate emission standards, and more recently the development of rare earth replacement technologies during the “rare earth crisis” of 2011-2012.

Topics to be covered include: the historical contributions of the current and past FCC suppliers, the development and integration of additives technology as a key in achieving operating objectives, the development of catalyst evaluation and testing capabilities, and a look ahead to new technologies to meet future market needs.

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