Heartburn Panel

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Seeking Panelists: Operators, Engineers, Suppliers -

Tiffany Clark - BASF

Conference: Galveston 2018

FCCU Heartburn Panel title=The Heartburn Panel features FCCU industry experts from refining companies and technology providers who respond to questions and engage attendees in a discussion of today’s tough issues. No more migraines and sleepless nights after you get your questions answered.

Topics to Start the Discussion:

  • How to Mitigate Reduced Flow in the Slurry System due to Plugging Near the End of the Run
  • Methods to Reduce Coking in the Bottom of the Frac Tower
  • How to Use IIoT to Better Troubleshoot
  • How do you Define Operational Excellence

Interested in adding your expertise to the Heartburn Panel?  Contact Becky for more information.

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