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Get Your Processing Unit’s Pulse – On a Smart Phone

Presented By

Rohit Robinson - Honeywell Process Solutions


Presented by:
Rohit Robinson – Honeywell Process Solutions

As the “always-on” consumer world embraces the benefits of mobility, the Industrial domain is quickly seeking to leverage this platform. Mobility is bringing forward a classic disruption in the workplace, and as we bring our personal, consumer self to work, we almost expect a similar ecosystem in place. The transition from an office worker to a remote worker was smooth as we only moved the computer systems out to a home setting. Unfortunately, the move to a mobile worker warrants a lot more thought around the “what” and “how.” Mobile devices outnumber computers by a factor of 10, providing us the opportunity to use these pervasive devices in the industrial landscape, even as we honor constraints around security, privacy and performance.

Join us to obtain insight into why you need to embrace this trend, what are the challenges and opportunities, and what Honeywell is doing about it!

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