Fully Automated Coker – Lessons in Design and Operation

Presented By

Rick Conticello - Wood

Rick Lucas - BP Whiting

Conference: Galveston 2018

Fully automated cokerFor anyone who has operated a delayed coker or been in one, the number of manual and sequential steps required to automate the drum structure is significant. The BP Whiting coker, a Foster Wheeler (Wood) licensed unit, is the first new coker in the world to achieve this standard. The unit is capable of:

  • Completing all drum cycle steps remotely from the DCS.
    • ~80% of cycle steps progress automatically
    • ~20% of cycle steps require operator confirmations to progress.
    • Separate safety system ensures critical interlocks are maintained throughout the cycle.
  • Remote drum decoking from DCS.

With more than 4 years of operation, the presentation will review lessons learned from all the automation and benefits of adopting this technology.

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