Following the Sulfur Molecule: from H2S to H2SO4 – a tour of a typical S molecule from sour gas processing to end user consumption

Presented By

Bevan Houston - Matrix PDM Engineering

Conference: Valencia 2018

courtesy of Matrix PDMThe Presentation will try to give refinery operations or other refining/gas processing focused personnel a bigger picture of where the waste product from their operations travels through the market.

I will start with sour gas processing, discuss considerations for hydrogen sulfide removal in liquid sulfur for regulatory reasons, molten sulfur storage considerations from pit to sulfur tanks, an overview of the technical and commercial decisions behind sulfur forming, options for longer term sulfur storage if commercial off-take is not available, materials handling considerations (including dust and explosion control), a high level overview of the commercial market – where sulfur is produced and where it is consumed, an overview of where recovered sulfur is used and the broad commodity market swings which effect refinery netbacks for sulfur sales.

Intermixed with this tour, I would utilize pictures and descriptions from the following projects my company has worked on to visualize each step in the process:

  • Sulfur Recovery project in Iraq (SRU)
  • Liquid Sulfur Storage projects in the USA (pits and sulfur tanks)
  • Sulfur Forming Projects in USA, China and Saudi Arabia – (China and KSA facilities are 2nd and 3rd largest in the world)
  • Materials Handling Project in USA – concrete silo & conveyors
  • Solid Sulfur Melting Project at Fertilizer Facility in USA (largest in the world)
  • Simplified Maps highlighting production / trade flows for world sulfur market

Bevan Houston - Matrix PDMBevan Houston had been with Devco when it was sold to Matrix Service in 2015. He is responsible for major sulfur equipment sales in USA, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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