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First Implementation of a Non-Bolted Anchoring System for Coke Drums

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Alwyn Kaye - CNRL

Dr. Mahmod Samman - Houston Engineering Solutions


anchor bolt failureOne of the common coke drum failures is the breakage of anchor bolts that hold drums to the concrete support structure. A new patented anchoring system was recently developed to mitigate this failure mode. This presentation reports on the first implementation in industry of this new anchoring system including history of old bolts failure, design basis, and implementation considerations.

Dr. Mahmod Samman, P.E.Dr. Mahmod Samman is the president of Houston Engineering Solutions. He has thirty years of industry experience mostly in damage assessment, repair, and life extension of coke drums. His state-of-the-art techniques in this field are utilized around the world. A licensed professional engineer in Texas, he has a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Duke University.

RefComm Q&A

You asked – We answered! During RefComm, time is allocated for questions and discussion during each presentation. Audience questions can be asked live or through a real-time interactive app (SLIDO). Due to the high volume of questions, not all were addressed at the event so we are posting them here.

QuestionHow long did it take to install? Was it done while online?

Answer: 24 days (one shift) which was the TA window available for other reasons. / No, it was not done online.

Question: Were earthquake loads and movements considered in this design?

Answer: No we are not in earthquake zone, but the impact loads and design basis designed for were much greater than earthquake condition.

Question: Does this help reduce stress at skirt weld?

Answer: Not directly but mitigated in the sense that it stopped the extreme movement which was creating many stresses, including those. Consequence of the change was assessed by FEA for acceptance.

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