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FCCU Main Blower and Wet Gas Compressor UCP Testing using Dynamic Modeling

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Vahe Avetisyan - VVInEx


The testing of FCCU main blower and wet gas compressor control systems is always a challenge as all tests and verifications at vendor premises are performed on Simulation mode, without the actual compressor or blower. VVInEx developed special dynamic modeling of the actual compressor based on the actual performance data. This allows more detailed and precise testing of the control system prior to the delivery, with less critical adjustments on site.

Fouling of wet gas compressor and scheduling of cleaning / flushing is very important for refiner operations. The data analyzing system developed by VVInEx allows evaluation of fouling degree with further trend prediction and calculation of most economical cleaning / flushing time.

206_Vahe_Avetisyan_VVInEx_HeadshotVahe Avetisyan is the managing director of VVInEx GmbH. He has been an independent project QA/QC consultant with 25+ years of experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical industries. He started as a project QA/QC coordinator at Moody International. He has been involved in major Oil and Gas projects as an independent consultant, QA/QC supervisor and manager for MWK, WORLEYPARSONS, KBR, TANEKO, HATCH, LUKOIL, GASPROMNEFT, and NIS Projects. He has also been involved in DCU, FCCU, SRU, and Olefins Projects.  He holds a M.Eng  in Electrical engineering with a specialization in process automation.

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