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FCCU Heartburn Panel Galveston 2014The FCCU Heartburn Panel features industry experts from refining companies and technology providers who respond to questions and engage attendees in a discussion of today’s tough CatCracker issues. No more migraines and sleepless nights after you get your questions answered. To keep this informal, panelists do not prepare answers in advance, but respond to attendee questions about current issues. Fluid Catalytic Cracking topics can cover operations, process, design, maintenance and turnaround.

Possible Topics of Discussion:
1. How are refiners handling the MARPOL specification issues for Heavy Fuel ?
2. Issues cracking Lighter Feeds or Different Feedstock Blends?  How does this effect propylene and other yields?
3. How do you operate the FCC:  For  Maximum Feed throughput, Max Conversion or Product Yield? How (or which Refinery department) determines the operating mode ?  Achieve Max profit?
4. What would your ideal FCC Look like?  How to achieve that FCC for your unit?
5. How Flexible is your unit to various Feedstock Switching or Product Slates?
6. How are you handling the increase in Gasoline demand and any Diesel glut?  Any issues with gasoline specs. For the refinery?
7. What is your most nagging problem or significant FCC issue that you wish you could change?

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