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FCCU Equipment – Where is the Most Risk and the Most Reward

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Syed Mumtaz - Freelance Consultant


We’ll compare notes in a discussion on what FCCU equipment has the most risk, and what has the most reward.

  1. Look at equipment from the perspective of maintenance, reliability, operations, instrument and electrical, machinists, pressure equipment integrity (PEI), risk based inspection (RBI), etc.
  2. What cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, testing, and replacing you should never avoid.
  3. You have to spend the extra time and money on “X” because we can’t afford to have it fail.

Next we’ll have a wish list discussion. For example,

  1. What valve has lowered your safety risk, or;
  2. What instrumentation has enabled you to be more accurate or increase production, or;
  3. What equipment allows you to be more versatile, or;
  4. I wish we had installed “X” so we could do “Y” or;
  5. What are some other examples?

And if there is time and interest, there could be a discussion from a capital dollars approach, what revamps or upgrades make the most sense with current needs and in today’s economy.

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