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FCC Valve Maintenance

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Presented by:
– TapcoEnpro

At TapcoEnpro, we support the industry perspective that safe and proper valve maintenance before, during and after turnarounds is critical to successful FCCU operation. During any planned or unplanned valve turnaround, the use of OEM replacement parts, precise in-field machining, and accurate alignment during reassembly is essential to quick turnaround in addition to long term safe operation of the valve and actuator. Repairing a valve has unique challenges and when utilizing the original equipment manufacturer, you are assured of full access to engineers who designed the valve, and familiarity with process licensor/customer specifications. Possessing this specific knowledge and having extensive experience to safely and quickly repair and/or replace FCCU valves and components is part of the services we offer as the original equipment manufacturer of industry leading FCCU valve technology. Our presentation will focus on the importance of proper and safe valve maintenance, including a review of various causes of damage to FCCU valve parts and how to safely and efficiently conduct the valve repair during turnarounds.

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