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FCC Unit Feedstock Flexibility in Danube Refinery

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Tamas Kasza - MOL Plc.

Tamas Nemeth - MOL Plc.


MOL-Group-logo-1Refineries have to meet with changing production demands. Within the operation window FCC unit are quite flexible assets regarding the feedstock qualities. In order to achieve the goal of the refinery high number of test runs were carried out to improve the profitability and flexibility. Considering this two test runs are highlighted in FCC unit.

FCC unit basically processes hydrotreated feed from MHCK unit. In case of lack of FCC feed or other economic point of view there is an option to process MHCK high sulphur feed (HSVGO) in FCC unit.

The coker light naphtha having up to 5000 ppmw sulphur as well as high olefin content that need to be treated flexible way during the TA of the naphtha hydrotreater unit where it is normally processed in. Another effort is to convert this light naphtha to more valuable olefinic gases such as propylene and butylenes in order to improve profitability. Put this stream into FCC feed can be meet these requirements.

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