FCC Tower Instrumentation: Challenges and Solutions

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Neal Cammy - Blac Inc.

Alan English - CatCracking.com

Charlie Smith - RefiningCommunity

Conference: Bahrain 2015

Join the discussion in this interactive workgroup and get answers to your questions. These and other topics will be discussed-

  • Main Column Bottoms flowmeters – problems, installation details, and technology upgrades.
  • Main Column Level Instruments – Nuclear, etc.
  • Instrumentation for Advanced Control – tray differential pressures, internal reflux, etc.
  • Overhead pressure control – Best practices, control point (top of column vs overhead receiver), etc.
  • Effects of salting on column operations.
  • Corrosion monitoring methods/instruments
  • Product quality analyzers – online GC for composition & distillation.
  • Calculation of inferential variables for advanced control.
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