FCC to Set Catalyst Development LCO

Presented By

Uriel Navarro Uribe - W.R. GRACE

Conference: Rio de Janiero 2014

The methodology used in the development of a catalyst for FCC LCO upgrading is presented through a research and development project, which aimed to increase LCO yield to 5.0 vol%, and cetane number by three (3) whole numbers. The development was done through a JDA between Ecopetrol, the Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP) and Grace.

Activity, selectivity, and stability of an FCC catalyst were the parameters studied. The experimental design allowed development of different catalyst formulations that were evaluated and characterized physicochemically on bench and pilot scale units. In order to study the behavior of commercial catalysts, the catalyst with the best performance in a simulation model was synchronized with the Orthoflow™* business unit of the Barrancabermeja Refinery.

The commercial catalyst evaluation, completed in December 2013, showed successful results. This work aims to show how the invention of this product has helped address fuel requirement needs in Colombia, through maximizing LCO yield and quality, reducing production costs and maintaining gasoline production levels.

*Orthoflow™ is a registered trademark of KBR

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