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FCC Flue Gas Filtration: Royal Dahlman has the filtration technology for the Oil Refiner to keep up with the future environmental and governmental stack emission regulations

Presented By

Niels van der Horst - Royal Dahlman

Roger Hage - Royal Dahlman


Reduction on (R)FCC flue gas particulate emission << 10 mg/Nm3 (0.0045 gr/ft3), guaranteed. Not only groundbreaking and proven technology, but also a highly economic and reliable solution to face the current and future environmental and governmental emission regulations. This innovative and highly efficient filtration technology is installed downstream of the CO/WHB, instead of a less efficient and more risky Electrostatic Precipitator, or to decrease cat fines emissions in refineries that already have a Third Stage Separator system or SO2 wet gas scrubber. Also upstream of the CO/WHB Royal Dahlman can offer proven high temperature ‘full flow’ filtration technology based on advanced sintered metal filter media, replacing existing TSS systems or supporting TSS units by means of a more efficient Fourth Stage Separator/ Underflow filter in order to reduce the catalyst stack emissions to the required value.

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