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FCC Catalyst Withdrawal and Special Valve Solutions

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Rudy Repellin - Guichon Valves


Courtesy of Guichon ValvesEach refinery in the world is fighting with catalyst requirements. Most of the devices installed on FCC units are exposed to severe conditions: abrasion, erosion, cavitation, high temperature, pressure, and so on… These requirements are also true on catalyst withdrawal and sampling lines. Even on those small lines, the technical challenges are huge and any malfunction can affect the global process performance, safety, and reliability.

Backed with more than 35 years of experience in catalyst application and tight cooperation with Axens/IFP Group, Guichon has been developing specific technologies to improve performance and safety on catalyst draw-off and sampling systems.

Guichon engineers are pleased to share their knowledge and operational advice during this presentation. Technical tricks will be shared to increase the global process, performance, safety, reliability, and lifetime.

Rudy Repellin, Guichon Valves - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Rudy Repellin is the Application and Process Engineer for Guichon Valves. He has been working with Guichon for 6 years. He travels the world to improve the refining processes and to feed the Guichon team with real field experience. When he is not in a refinery, he enjoys driving his classic car or finding collectible things in antique shops.

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