Eliminating Water Flushing of Large Process Units

Presented By

Daryl Crandall - Refined Technologies EU B.V.

Conference: Rotterdam 2019

This particular paper would highlight RTI’s work with Syncrude Ft McMurray Unit # 8-3. We’ve cleaned it in 2015 and 2018. The timeline difference and effluent reduction were significant. ‘Globally, many refineries still like to push out oil with water. This method produces a copious amount of effluent and also cools the unit. Both are not strategic advantages. We have seen major improvements at Syncrude, Shell, and other sites when the water flushing is eliminated. Recently, at a Singapore refinery, they were able to reduce their SD Procedure from ~105 pages to ~55 pages by reducing water flushing. Strategically, the best practice is to pull feed, pump down the liquids and immediately start steaming the unit. This allows the equipment to stay hot and it expedites the clearing and cleaning processes.

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