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Dust Suppression In Petcoke Handling Operations

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Michael Lewis - Dust Control Technology


The petcoke industry has been under a lot of scrutiny with high profile fugitive dust cases. Local residents have also become more aware and vocal about the effect of dust on the community. In some locations, new regulations require facilities that store petcoke to fully enclose their storage piles – a complex and expensive approach. It is a climate where the industry must take a proactive approach to effective dust control in order to maintain growth.

Atomized mist dust suppression has already been deployed successfully at several petcoke handling operations. The atomized mist units propel a plume of water droplets smaller than traditional sprinkler systems; proving to be more effective at capturing airborne dust because the droplets are closer to the size of the dust particles. The technology also shows great promise for controlling dust at the refinery, including at the chutes, pits, and drums. This presentation will introduce a unique, cost effective, and environmentally friendly solution to a common refinery issue.

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