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Designing Internals to Minimize Fouling in the Bottom of the FCC Main Fractionators

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Dennis Schmude - Koch-Glitsch, LP


Minimize-Fouling-Presentation-Koch-Glitsch-Refcomm-Galveston 2018The internals in the bottom of the FCC Main Fractionator are especially prone to fouling due to coking and the carryover of catalyst fines from the reactor. Proper design and selection of internals is critical to ensuring the best possible equipment reliability. New tower internals technology and design improvements to well-established internals offer opportunities to lower the risk of fouling and provide longer run times. The paper will discuss internals design considerations recommended in the HCO wash and slurry pumparound zones based on lessons learned from years of commercial experience. Examples of problems from commercial installations with recommended solutions will be provided.

Dennis Schmude - Koch-Glitsch, LPDennis Schmude is the Refining Technology Manager for Koch-Glitsch, LP and is based in Houston, TX. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Tulsa. He has over 25 years of experience designing column internals for petroleum refinery applications.

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