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Delayed Coking Unit – How to Avoid Coking Issues on Isolation and Feeding Valves

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Rudy Repellin - Guichon Valves


Courtesy of Guichon ValvesSteam purged valves are an integral part of the delayed coking process. Ensuring positive isolation every time is required to safely open the drums every day. Fouling of the body of these valves is a common problem which results in safety and reliability concerns. The presentation by Guichon Valves addresses some of the common causes of valve fouling.

The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true for steam purged valve health and personal health. Prevention can come in the form of proper design for tough coker service. It also comes in the form of ensuring adequate steam purge during the static and stroke of the valve. Guichon encourages all delayed coker steam purged valves to utilize these simple concepts to ensure their valves can last turnaround-to-turnaround and perform safely every time. Valve failures represent a significant percentage of maintenance and downtime cost. Guichon can help.

Rudy Repellin, Guichon Valves - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Rudy Repellin is the Application and Process Engineer for Guichon Valves. He has been working with Guichon for 6 years. He travels the world to improve the refining processes and to feed the Guichon team with real field experience. When he is not in a refinery, he enjoys driving his classic car or finding collectible things in antique shops.

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