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Delayed Coker: High Pressure Cutting Water Safety

Presented By

Mitchell Moloney - ExxonMobil



The purpose of this presentation is to allow coker operators to better understand and quantify the risks associated with potential exposure to high-pressure cutting water. Fatality is the primary risk being addressed, and has occurred in the industry. Additionally, many near misses have been noted by coker operators over the many years of operation in the industry. In particular there are 3 potential scenarios in play:

  1. High pressure cutting water flows to a drill stem suspended above the top head of the correct drum (i.e., the drum to be cut)
  2. Water flows out cutting tool on the sister drum or another drum pair
  3. Drill stem exits the top head while pressurized with cutting water – during normal cut or during Dome Cleanout

The presentation reviews:
– past event
– the range of facilities being used in the industry today
– lock-out, tag-out requirements
– potential protective measures that mitigate risk, with their strengths and weaknesses
– the factors to consider as part of a risk evaluation
– how a Layers of Protection Analysis could be done at you site.

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