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Delayed Coker High Performance Actuation Systems

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Taras Dykun - MEA Incorporated


DCU’s actuation technology for switch valves is MEA’s specialty for a couple of decades now. MEA put this experience into the development of the truly industry-changing solution,  electro-hydraulic self-contained actuator –  MEA Hawk Switch.  In this presentation, we will cover how MEA developed this technology and how it can improve performance, reliability, and safety within DCU. 

Taras joined MEA in 2014 after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago with Chemical Engineering degree. Taras’ experience began as a Field Service Engineer where he gained valuable expertise as a technical specialist in electro-hydraulic technology. Taras was then promoted to Applications Engineer where he applied his knowledge of chemical processes to customer needs and solutions. Now as Sales Engineer, Taras is working with our customers and engineers to help advance the ways electro-hydraulic actuation technology can improve process efficiency, decrease cost of operation and maintenance, and improve safety for our existing and new customers.

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