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DCU Bolting: A Galling Prevention Case Study at Tesoro Golden Eagle

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Michael Psimas, Ph.D. - BlackHawk Engineered Products


Break-out and disassembly of highly loaded and thermally-cycled flanges such as those on a delayed coker unit are frequently complicated by issues of galled and seized fasteners. These issues can have far-reaching effects on production, scheduling, and manpower. Furthermore, processes that are employed to remedy seized components such as splitters and cutting torches often introduce additional safety hazards, risks to equipment, time, and expense.

This presentation explores the underlying mechanisms and phenomena of galling while addressing common misconceptions of said sources and providing real-world results. A proposed novel solution to completely eliminate galling is presented, and the detailed results of a DCU case study are discussed. The application’s case history, comparison results, and financial considerations are given based on over 1 million hours of total combined usage.

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