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Comprehensive Re-utilization of Fine Particle Pollutants from FCC Unit

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Dr. Zheng Li & Carrie Jiang - HCpect


Noticeable fine particle pollutants were produced in the operation of FCC unit, including spent catalyst and flue gas dust which is collected as sludge in flue gas desulfurization process. Different solid waste treatment technologies were conducted according to the properties and compositions of those pollutants. Spent catalyst which has relatively low content of metal, high activity could be rejuvenated by organic and inorganic acid so as to reduce the metal content, enlarge the surface area and recover some active sites, and then replace part of fresh catalyst addition by charging back to the FCC unit. The other spent catalyst and desulfurization sludge could be decomposed into oxides or salt of Al, Si, Re, Ni and so on early or late after serials of treatment, through which those particle wastes were re-utilized.

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