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COKER Safety and Reliability Lessons Learned

Presented By

Dale Wilborn - Chevron


The Delayed Coking industry has had many incidents with severe consequences, including numerous fatalities. There has been great progress in the last 10 years to improve Coker design to reduce personal exposure and improve safety.

Even with all the improvements, Chevron has experienced some less severe but interesting near miss, operational reliability & safety incidents. This presentation will cover these “lessons learned”:

  1. FURNACES – positive material identification, charge pump, blocked in severe coking incident, outlet piping.
  2. COKER STRUCTURE – top & bottom unheading, drilling, coke drums, motor operating valves.
  3. WET GAS – power over speed incident on start-up, power trip during normal operations.

This presentation will share “lessons learned” to allow fewer Coker safety and reliability incidents and highlight areas where additional safety and reliability improvements are needed.

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