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Coker Heater Performance Improvements

Presented By

Donald Tran - Lyondellbasell Refining

Ashutosh Garg - Furnace Improvements


coker heaterCoker heaters are one of the most critical heaters in the refineries. The feed is heated to a very high temperature. Run length is one of the important factors for coker heaters. Furnace Improvements has worked on several coker heaters in the past 10 years and would like to present their experience with coker heaters revamping and performance improvements. Furnace Improvements has inclined firing technology (patented) and smart stack dampers (patent pending) for fired heaters performance improvements. We have seen substantial reduction in tube metal temperatures by inclining the burners towards the wall in double fired coker heaters. Extensive CFD modeling has been done on coker heaters. We will present a case study for coker heater performance improvement.

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