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Coke Drum Inspection Workshop

Presented By

Steven Garcia - Ameriscan LLC

Les Harold - CIA

Christian Ljungmann - Tricom Scan SRL

Ezequiel Justiniano - Tricom Scan SRL

Roberto Bello - Intevep PDVSA


Coke drums have numerous issues as the industry well knows. Until the industry finds a way to create a coke drum that does not bulge, crack, or lean, there will always be a need to effectively inspect and monitor the drums. The workshop will address three primary topics.

  1. State of the art inspection techniques for coke drum inspection, such as laser scanning, visual (still images and video), and acoustic emission crack detection.
  2. Bridging the inspection data into an equipment health monitoring program to guide operations and maintenance strategies based on these inspection techniques
  3. The limitations of these techniques and ways to maximize the utility of the data gathered.

The panelist companies are the industry leaders in the field of coke drum inspection and together have analyzed more than 3000 coke drums.

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