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Closing the Gap to 100% Coke Drum Unheading Automation

Presented By


- RuhrPumpen

- Paul Wurth

- DeltaValve


Various solutions for coke drum unheading have been used in the industry since the early 1990’s. Slide Valves revolutionized the DCU business by enabling shot coke production with a safe way to unhead the coke drum. Even though unheading slide valves are installed on all new DCUs without question, not all existing DCU units have been able to justify this expense.

The panel will discuss the state of the unheading automation around the world. It does not just have to be slide valves to address all the safety concerns with shot coke. The panel will include representatives from IMI Z&J, Paul Wurth, Ruhrpumpen, and DeltaValve. We will explore what it might take to reach 100% uptake on this technology. The panel will also answer questions from the audience about unheading systems in general.

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