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Best Practices for Keeping Your Coker Clean

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- RuhrPumpen

- DeltaValve

- ExxonMobil

- Flowserve


It is a long standing joke that one can tell if a refinery has a coker by looking at Google Earth to see if there is a black spot in the refinery. The black spot is a result of coke dust and possibly other releases leaving their mark on the process equipment and piping. This is true from a literal, 20,000ft level but also a flange to flange level. It does not have to be this way.

In this panel discussion, we will be leveraging the experience of Gary Pitman of, Mitch Moloney of ExxonMobil, and other industry experts. Keeping the plant clean starts with design choices up front but then extends to housekeeping and maintenance practices moving forward. Decisions made today could leave a black spot on the plant for the next 20 years. The panel will take questions from the audience on the best ways to keeps the plant looking good for the next generation of operators and engineers.

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