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Benefits of a Comprehensive Coke Drum Inspection Service

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Les Harold - CIA Inspection Inc.


benefits of a comprehensive coke drum inspection serviceThe value in using state of the art laser/video inspections in delayed coke drums is well documented, however, at some point operators need to consider additional activities (engineering studies, operational assessments and repair actions) to manage coke drum life. Coordinating these strategies with CIA’s comprehensive approach is critical to a successful and cost-effective long-term solution. CIA will introduce the latest advancements in its coke drum inspection and reliability service and present three (3) different real-world scenarios to support the value in the aforementioned collaborative approach.

Les Harold CIA Inspection IncMr. Les Harold is the Managing Director of CIA Inspection Inc., the world’s leading delayed coke drum inspection and reliability company. Les holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an International MBA in Finance and Strategy. With a varied professional background ranging from the copper mines in Chile, to the commodities trading desks in Manhattan and the renewable energy sector in Canada, Les brings more than 20 years of international experience. To date, Les has completed close to 450 coke drum inspections for the world’s leading refiners since joining CIA in 2011. When not travelling, Les resides in Toronto, Canada.

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