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Are Cyclones to Blame for Excessive FCC Catalyst Losses?

Presented By

Stephen Forry - CECO Emtrol-Buell



This presentation will explore the potential cause(s) of elevated catalyst losses from the FCC reactor and regenerator. The presentation will include cyclone design best-practices, how to interpret catalyst loss data (i.e. step-change vs. gradual increase, etc.), available troubleshooting tools, and a review of potential sources of catalyst losses. The goal is to provide FCC operators with additional information and tools to evaluate FCC operation and to determine whether their cyclones need to be repaired or replaced.

Stephen ForryWith nearly a decade of experience with Emtrol-Buell, Vice President of Sales Stephen Forry has been involved in every aspect of FCC cyclone system design.  In addition to cyclone design, he provides troubleshooting and inspection expertise for clients that are experiencing elevated catalyst losses or mechanical failures.  Steve has been involved in the cyclone system design for the smallest and largest FCCU’s in world, and he enjoys working closely with clients to solve problems and improve FCC operation.  In his free time, Steve enjoys working on his farm and playing sports with his three sons.

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