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An Efficient Ammonia-Based SRU Tail Gas Desulfurization Process

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Stein Carlsen - Stein Carlsen – Jiangnan Environmental Technology, Inc.


Ammonia-based desulfurization process, in which ammonia is used as the absorbent to react with SO2, removes SO2 from SO2-containing stream such as sulfur recovery unit tail gas and produces ammonium sulfate fertilizer by-product without generating any waste water or solid waste. Due to the high reactivity of ammonia with SO2 in aqueous solution, the ammonia desulfurization process achieves higher SO2 removal efficiency with lower power consumption compared to other commonly used processes such as reduction TGTU. However, because of ammonia slip and the generation of aerosol, which is mainly airborne mist droplet of unoxidized ammonium sulfite, the installation of extra demisting equipment such as wet electrostatic precipitator becomes necessary for this process and could greatly increase the capital and operating cost.

The patented Efficient Ammonia Desulfurization (EADS) technology offered by Jiangnan Environmental Technology Inc. has resolved the critical issues of ammonia slip and aerosol generation associated with ammonia desulfurization process through precise control of process parameters such as absorption solution composition, concentration, and pH value. As a highly efficient and economical technology, EADS technology can achieve SO2 emissions as low as 10ppmv to meet today’s most stringent environmental regulations with much lower capital and operating costs compared to the traditional tail gas treatment technologies.

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