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Workgroup: Adjusting Catalyst Coke Selectivity to Meet Refiner’s Needs

Presented By

Alicia A. Garcia - BASF


This workgroup will be an overview of how to adjust catalyst formulation in order to improve coke selectivity to work around unit constraints and maximize profitability. Improved catalyst coke selectivity can help to increase unit margins by decreasing dry gas and delta coke which results in higher conversion and liquid yield. Though the material will focus on catalyst changes, it will also offer suggestions on operational moves that have the ability to affect delta coke especially for current market drivers, such as tight oil processing.

In addition, tight oils and its derivative feeds or severely hydrotreated feeds, can challenge the unit heat balance, typically resulting in low regenerator temperatures. In these cases, it may be necessary to increase delta coke and make adjustments to operating conditions in order to remove unit constraints such as catalyst circulation or afterburn issues. This workgroup will help to address solutions for unit operations on high and low delta coke catalysts depending on feed and unit conditions given.

A workgroup is a great forum for sharing Lessons Learned or Best Practices. A Subject Matter Expert speaks briefly about a particular topic. Then discussion is opened to the group.

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