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A New Automatic Bottom Unheading Valve: Combining the Advantages of Existing Classical Concepts in an Innovative Way

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Wolfgang Zingsem - Paul Wurth Oil & Gas Division


Taking advantage of its long-standing know-how in designing and supplying special valves for severe operating conditions for metallurgical plants like blast furnaces, the Paul Wurth Oil & Gas division today develops, manufactures and distributes special valve solutions for refineries and petrochemical plants.
In the field of Delayed Coking, Paul Wurth offers Automatic Bottom Unheading Valves tailored to the needs of the industry. Given the innovative design features, a patent application was introduced by Paul Wurth.
The unique Paul Wurth design combines the tightness of the classical Double Disc design and the low weight and small footprint of the classical single gate design. The Paul Wurth Double Disc/Gate design with an external, active sealing force applied to the floating lower valve body seat together with a circular shaped lower disc, guided by spherical caps, combines the advantages of the single-plate design with those of the double-disc design. Subsequently, it offers an important innovation to the industry eliminating the disadvantages of competing classical concepts. The new Paul Wurth sealing is a “floating” system, which is unaffected by any deformations caused by thermal stress or pressure. The valves are available with different actuator systems. Paul Wurth provides system package comprising Bottom Unheading Valves, Actuators, Hydraulic Power Station, Hydraulic manifolds, Steam Purge Systems and PLC control system out of one hand.

Presenter: Wolfgang Zingsem, Paul Wurth SMS GroupWolfgang Zingsem was born on May 2nd, 1963. In 1990, he graduated in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing Maschinenbau Konstruktionstechnik) at the University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld, Germany.

From 1990 until 2004 Wolfgang held several positions in design, commissioning/start-up and project management of complex electro-hydraulic systems in the machine building and press building industry.

Based on his experiences with electro-hydraulic drive and control systems, Wolfgang entered the German special-valve company “Zimmermann & Jansen” in 2005, beginning with the improvement and technical development of actuator systems for special valves for ethylene service, FCC service and for delayed coking (Automatic Unheading Valves). In 2011, Wolfgang became area manager (engineering, sales) for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Product groups: special valves for Ethylene, FCC and Delayed Coking. In 2014, he took a leading position in the petrochemical and refining division and became the head of sales in 2015.

Mid-2016, Wolfgang joined Paul Wurth bringing 14 years of experience in hydraulics and 11 years of experience in special valve systems for the petrochemical industry. As the head of sales of the new Paul Wurth Oil&Gas Division, his focus is on the further development of Paul Wurth´s special valves and systems business in petrochemical and refining applications. Paul Wurth SMS Group

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