A Discussion about the gaps in Reliability

Presented By

Mel Larson - Becht Engineering

Mitch Moloney - Becht Engineering

Ranjan Nadarajah - Becht Engineering

Bobby Wright - Becht Engineering

Conference: RefComm 2021

Becht provides multidiscipline engineering support for daily run and maintenance all the way through unit and refinery optimization. Becht is a large supporter of the RefComm community and through this Vendor Spotlight presentation, would like to offer an overview of the services we provide our clients as well as a focused discussion on the FCCU and Coker, by providing access to some of our “Best Process and Mechanical Subject Matter Experts” to answer your questions related to the issues you and we face in the CatCracker and Coker every day.

So please join us as we address issues and challenges you face every day to keep your FCCU and Coker running in summary we will address:

  • FCCU topics – Optimization with shift in RBOB specification, Bio Feedstock Management, Recycling to Riser, Considerations of the future, Energy Efficiency and Reliability
  • Coker Unit Topics – Issues surrounding coke drums, furnaces, ancillary equipment and unit process optimization versus reliability.
  • Learn how a Becht Gap Assessment Analysis review for FCCU and Coker’s will identify your site’s process and reliability gaps and help you focus on high-value opportunities to address short-term and long-term needs
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