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A Complete Inspection Strategy for Coke Drums

Presented By

Steven Garcia - Ameriscan LLC


This presentation will explain the application of Acoustic Emission Testing (AET), 3D laser scanning and HD photography as a complete solution for inspecting coke drums. AET is a nondestructive testing method for indication of crack-like flaws. Coke drums have a history of developing cracks which can develop into through wall cracks and require immediate shut down and repair of the vessel. AET provides an inspection method for performing a global inspection during normal operations and provides valuable pre-turnaround inspection and repair planning information. By combining AET with 3D laser scanning and HD photography, a complete solution for inspecting coke drums is achieved.

The intended audience of this presentation includes owners, operators, inspectors, and TAR planners of coking units.

Responsible for field-test setup, data acquisition and interpretation/analysis of acoustic emission data. Mr. Garcia has done extensive work in the area of Fitness for Service using Acoustic Emission testing, including mechanical integrity assessments of ASME pressure vessels, pre-service proof testing, re-qualification testing, in-service monitoring, leak  detection and location  for  LNG  service  facilities,  above  ground  storage  tank  inspections  and  general fitness-for-service applications of reactors, pressure vessels, piping and other components related to refineries and chemical plants in several countries around the world.

Mr. Garcia has provided project support to senior engineering staff for field engineering/testing using high-speed data acquisition systems in remote locations.

Mr. Garcia also has experience in vibration monitoring and field metallography related to refinery/chemical plant services.

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