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A Clean Future for Coke Handling: KT experience in a grass root project and a revamping case study

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Cristina Guazzotti - KT Kenetics Technology SpA


Courtesy of KTThis paper describes the KT experience in executing a LSTK project of a new unit and a revamping study for an existing one, both with the implementation of CCSS package in the Delayed Coking Process.

KT has executed with TRIPLAN as Licensor of coke handling package, the DCU-CCSS configuration in the two above scenarios with care of value engineering solutions in terms of Energy Saving, Layout Optimization, Process interface with the main unit and constructability constraints , providing an interesting bench mark for DCU turnkey solutions.

KT envisages the CCSS implementation in the Delayed Coking process as a potential breakthrough in the traditional DCU market to meet modern environmental responsiveness.

Cristina Guazzotti, KTCristina Guazzotti is Sales and Proposals Manager of Kinetics Technology SpA, with more than 20 years of technical background in KT’s technologies. Cristina Guazzotti has been responsible inside process department of KT’s Hydrogen and Syngas Technology product line till 2012 when has moved to Praxair Inc. as associate director for process engineering inside Global Hydrogen organization. When back to KT has been involved in developing proposal in refining business areas while still keeping the duty as technical advising in Hydrogen and Syngas projects. In 2013, has participated to the proposal and engineering phases of SONARA refinery expansion project as responsible of Ancillaries and Utilities. In 2014 becomes the Process Manager of the New Delayed Coking and Hydrogen Production Complex within EFRA project for LOTOS refinery in Poland, before to move to commercial department at the end of 2016.  

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