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A Case Study: Avoiding Modification Costs and Downtime when Inspecting Furnace Heater Coils with oversized Common Headers

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Mark Slaughter - Intero Integrity (formerly a.Hak Industrial Systems)


Courtesy of Intero IntegrityMany Refinery heater coils are not designed for traditional decoking and ILI inspection.  Often the heater coils are tied to a common header of a larger diameter pipe. For this paper the nominal heater coil diameter is 4” but they are tied to a 16” and a 6” common header.

The common Header Delivery System (HDS), developed by Steady Flux, allows safe access of the decoking and inspection tools into heater coils previously inaccessible and “unpiggable”. Each HDS is customized and built for the refinery’s asset to ensure that downtime is minimized. The Steady Flux HDS technology is used in refineries around the world and has helped mechanically decoke and smart pig assets for dozens of customers. Without the HDS, expensive modifications must be performed, creating increased expense and downtime.  

This paper will describe in detail the operational procedures used to safely resolve the challenges of an oversized header deliver system at a facility in North America.

Mark Slaughter - Intero IntergrityMark Slaughter has a Master’s of Business degree from the University of Texas.  Mark has 30 years’ experience in the inspection industry. He has managed Sales, Product Management, and Business Development in several domestic and international locations.  

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