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Operators attend RefComm

Why do so many unit operators attend RefComm®?

Coker, CatCracker and Sulfur breakout discussion groups explore real life, relevant refinery operational issues.
Because RefComm delivers on safety, profitability, reliability and driving the overall well-being of refineries and gas plants to new levels.

“The value that you get back from attending RefComm is ten fold.  Companies that are up and down or off test could really use this!”  CatCracking Operator, Shell

Operators discuss real life situations in the Delayed Coker, Fluid Catalytic Cracker and Sulfur Recovery Unit and various approaches to solving them.

Operators discuss real life situations in the Delayed Coker, Fluid Catalytic Cracker and Sulfur Recovery Unit and various approaches to solving them.

“Good helpful info on options to improve operations with topics related to real life scenarios. We operators can take specific items back to use in the real world.” Operator, Holly Frontier

“I had the opportunity to discuss some subjects and learn much. I believe that after RefComm Rio, I’ll be able to avoid some problems that could happen.”  Jair de M. Silva, Petrobras

Breakout groups are made up of 20 to 30 people with similar interests.  The group decides on their own Coker, CatCracker or Sulfur topics.  They trade “war stories”, field experiences and share insights on how to solve problems.
RefComm Coker, CatCracker and Sulfur discussion groups

“The breakout groups/picking out our own problems and subjects was very helpful. Safety moments and sharing of incidents was very good.” Area Supervisor, CITGO

Presentations and workshops explore real world issues and solutions. Many of them are presented by refiners close to the iron. Presentations from previous seminars are available online.

“Dale Wilborn always brings interesting information to the group. I enjoyed his presentation greatly. [Lessons Learned from a Coke Drum Vent Incident]. I just wish we could have a copy of it.” [Editor’s Note: Sometimes the only way you can get this critical information is to attend RefComm.] “We have experienced the same error of leaving the blow down valve open and then venting the drum. Fortunately in Dale’s case and in ours, no one was injured.” Mike Kimbrell, Coker Advisor, BP

RefComm Conferences for Coking, CatCracking and Sulfur RecoveryLast year 148 refinery personnel attended RefComm Galveston.  40 were unit operators.  They represented these 26 refineries and gas plants (mouseover).     166 attended RefComm Budapest.  90 of them were from refineries!

RefComm Coker, CatCracker and Sulfur Conference is attended by operators, engineers, technicians, supervisors, trainers, business team leaders, inspectors, reliability, advisors, maintenance and turnaround planners from the refinery and gas plant.  Engineers and suppliers learn a lot from operators that attend.

I appreciated the diversity of operators, process engineers and suppliers at the 2010 Refining Community Conference. Jim Hartman, CSI Heat

“This CatCracking seminar has been fantastic. As a process engineer, I have been able to interact with a lot of operators and see from their perspective how things need to line up and how they need to go about starting the unit up and their procedures. So it really has given me a 360 degree view of what needs to happen from the operations side. And it has been fantastically organized, the whole seminar was great. The food was great, the topics were great and the breakout discussions were fantastic.” Matt Myers, Process Engineer, Western Refining

BONUS Training and Exhibition

RefComm Coker, CatCracker and Sulfur training courses
Training classes for Coker, CatCracker and Sulfur process and operations and Coke Drum Integrity are held on Monday and Tuesday before the RefComm conference.

RefComm Exhibit

The exhibition runs Tuesday through Thursday so attendees get hands on experience with new technologies.  They discuss equipment issues and benefits with suppliers.

Send a group of your operators to RefComm to learn how to make your coker, catcracker and sulfur plant safer, more reliable and more productive.  RefComm gives them the knowledge and motivation to return as key team players.

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