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Instructor: Roy Smith

Roy Smith

Roy Smith is a training Specialist and Global Decoking Training Program Manager. Roy joined Flowserve (Pacific Pumps) in 1976. During his career at Flowserve he has been in sales, engineering, service center management and was senior decoking specialist. His current position is an instructor at the Learning Resource Center in Dallas and the Global Decoking Training Program Manager for training Flowserve mechanics and field service technicians as well as customers.

Prior to joining Flowserve Roy was a design engineer in the aerospace industry, US Naval Officer and a researcher at Texas A&M University. Roy has also had experience as operations manager of a peristaltic pump company and as a responsible engineer at Bechtel on a major expansion project.
Roy’s years of experience in sales, service, and production both within Flowserve and outside allow him to enhance the learning experiences for Flowserve employees and customers.

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