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India Jumps 16 Places again on Competitiveness Index

India continues to expand, having leaped ahead 16 places again this year in the World Economic Forum 2016-17 Global Competitiveness Index. From 55 they moved up to 39.

The Refining Community supports India’s competitiveness initiatives by hosting RefComm® Mumbai coking conference, exhibition, and training. The focus is on the Delayed Coker Unit.

India Competitive Index

India boasts of 19 coker units at 16 refineries. With more on the way. Most are registered for RefComm® where these refiners make up almost half of the delegates. RefComm® Mumbai was the week of 17 – 18 October 2016 with two days of optional training.

  • Coker Operations and Reliability
  • Coker Process, Design and Troubleshooting
  • Mechanical Integrity and Reliability of Coke Drums

Delayed Cokers in India


Gary Pitman, Evan Hyde and Paul Orlowski welcome the conference delegates on 19-20 October 2016. Presentations focus on Fired Heaters, Yield Capacity, Coke Drums, Decoking, Valves, and Inspection with a discussion on other topics too.

RefComm Mumbai

Dr. Wolgang Paul delivers the keynote address. Delayed coking has become an increasingly important conversion unit in Indian refineries in the last 10 years. Dr. Paul has been working with Indian partners in the installation and use of decoking systems for 25+ years and throughout this most recent age of development. The presentation will address the technology from the standpoint of where we started in the 1990s, where we stand today, and where we should go in the future. See Dr. Paul’s presentation

Dr. Wolgang Paul delivers the keynote address is known industry wide as the leader in coker informational services in the refining community. Its coker conference and training seminar (recently renamed RefComm®) is the most influential of its kind, with more than double the attendance of its competitor coker conferences. Its innovative conference methodologies have allowed for some of the greatest refining advancements of the last 50 years to come forward. Inc is proud to claim there is actual evidence of less industry accidents and deaths with a dramatic increase in production since 2002. This evidence is directly linked to‘s efforts in bringing together industry leaders in an open atmosphere of learning coupled with an effort to promote greater safety and reliability while gaining more production.

Enjoy this brief informal video of RefComm® India.

Refining Community services oil refineries and their suppliers. For the Delayed Coking Unit (DCU) Refining Community Field Services provides PHA, HAZOP and incident investigation subject matter experts, model review during design phase, startup and commission support, turnaround support, preventive maintenance planning and troubleshooting. For more information, contact, 1.360.966.7251.

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