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FREE WEBINAR: ECHO (Environmental Coke Handling Operation) as a Zero-Emission-Process in DCUs

ECHO (Environmental Coke Handling Operation) as a Zero-Emission-Process in DCUs

Join us for this informative presentation by Art Envi Services.

Topics to be covered will be:

1. Introduction to ECHO

2. Challenges with traditional coke handling

3. Specialized Equipment for ECHO:

4. Safety aspects & Economics of ECHO

5. Suitability for Revamp and Greenfield DCU’s

Sonja Knuedel

Sr. Technology Specialist, Art Envi Services


Sonja has been in engineering for 12 years. Since 2016, she has been a coke handling specialist and responsible for various closed coke handling projects around the world. Main duties include supervising Basic Engineering package preparation, Commissioning and Start-up Support as well as After sales Contacts with Clients.

Sonja holds a M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering.

ART Envi Services is an engineering company specialized in refineries with proficient expertise in solid coke handling & dewatering in closed systems. They have developed ECHO, the Environmental Coke Handling Operation, a zero-emission system to handle coke in Delayed Coker Units.

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