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FCCU Process Fundamentals

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The FCCU is no longer just a fuels producer but is producing petrochemical feedstocks, pretreating tar sands and producing biofuels.

The FCCU can change operations from the production of large volumes of gasoline blending components (up to 70 volume percent of the pool), to the production of large volumes of diesel blending components (up to 40 volume percent of the pool). The FCCU also produces approximately 110 barrels of product for every 100 barrels of feed. With this range of demonstrated flexibility and volume expansion, the FCCU is one of the most valuable process units in the refinery.

You Will Learn

Increase awareness of process fundamentals and operating principles for a broader understanding of the various FCC, RFCC and High Olefin FCC (HOFCC) unit process design differences, operating flexibilities and potential equipment revamp opportunities for more operating mode flexibility and future process development.

Who Should Attend

Unit operators and supervisors, refinery plant engineers, technical service and process engineers, both experienced and new to the FCC.

FCC equipment and process licensors, and service providers who want a better understanding of the FCC process can also benefit.


An understanding of refining processes and petroleum refinery terminology is expected, having some experience with the FCC unit is helpful.

Rotterdam, Netherlands - Training
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: 30 Sept.-1 Oct. 2019
Price: $1,100.00 (USD)

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