Now, more than ever, while we practice social distancing and isolation to protect ourselves and others, we need our community to support each other. In this spirit, Refining Community hosts eREFCOMM a virtual event for technical sharing and remote networking. The concept will be in the spirit of our favorite live conference activity, the break out session. Every other week, we will have a new short topic and lively discussion around that topic.

  • Interactive Webinars
  • When: Second and Fourth Thursday of each month
  • Time: 8PT, 9MT, 10CT, 11ET (1500 GMT)
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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August 6 – Solvent Deasphalting: Why is there so much buzz?

Many refiners are struggling to meet new product specifications and improve refinery margins simultaneously while dealing with large resid pool. The choice for resid upgrading technology and flow scheme is of paramount importance especially in the face of the IMO 2020 regulations.



July 23 – Managing Coke Drum Foam with Chemicals

The production of foam above the level of the coke bed during and after coke drum filling is just part of the process and is inevitable (generally). There are various scenarios where more or less foam can be expected. As part of this webinar, we will explore how foam can be reduced or managed with antifoam chemicals and through process awareness.

Webinar Schedule

July 9Should You Worry about CUI on the Coke Drum Structure?Sponsor:Aspen Aerogels
July 15Leveraging the Cloud for Refinery Operator TrainingSponsor:CORYS
July 23Managing Coke Drum Foam with Chemicals
July 30How Effective are Operator Rounds at Your Site?Sponsor:
August 6Solvent Deasphalting: Why is there so much buzz?Sponsor:
August 13Keep Your Ball Valves TurningSponsor:ValvTechnologies
August 27 Leading Indicators - Drill Stem Force Spikes
September 10Leading Indicators - Control Valve Position
September 24Decoking Series - Pig Fast, Pig Often, Pig to Clean
October 8TBA
October 22TBA
November 12TBA
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